Business Law

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” --Alexander Graham Bell

There are few things as exciting as launching a new business. Make sure all the possibilities for success are on your side.    

I'll guide you through every stage of business formation and operation. This includes deciding exactly which type of legal business entity fits your needs best. Sole proprietorships, C-corporations, or “pass-through” entities such as partnerships or limited liability companies have very distinct advantages and draw-backs to creation, operations, and the burden of taxation. You need to know these important differences.    

Every corporation or limited liability company should have an Operating Agreement, a fundamental document needed to manage your business and insulate it from potential liability. If your operating agreement is not properly worded, your designated beneficiary may not inherit your voting rights. I can revise existing Operating Agreements or create one to suit your particular circumstances. 

You may be considering negotiating a buy-out of an existing business. You might be trying to set up a retirement plan for yourself or your employees that promotes retirement security and offers tax advantages. Most business owners don't do these things every day. 


I have represented businesses for 30+ years. With a legal and economics background that includes advising Fortune 500 life insurance and financial services companies to helping homeless women achieving financial independence for the first time in their lives, I understand the challenges all my clients – big or small - face.